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Di’ja on her Wedding, Baby and Privacy

Star singer Di’ja clears the air about her marriage, baby, and her privacy.

In an exclusive interview with LIB, Mavin’s star singer Hadiza Salma Blell commonly known as Di’ja  revealed all about her wedding to husband Rotimi last December, and reasons people are wrongly calling it a secret.

If you call having about 400 people grace your wedding ‘low key’ then I guess, yeah! It was very intimate and it was also in my home town, Kaduna, so it’s kind of hard to get people to come over there and then Kaduna is not as ‘Noisy’ as Lagos.

The Sierra Leonian-Nigerian singer went on to explain that life with her husband is as normal as any couple.

We are not hiding anything, we actually go to events together and do stuff together, and I just feel, for me, I’m not very good at…., I like enjoying the moment and am actually very bad at doing the posting thing. I don’t know if you have noticed, I mean recently, I started doing selfies when people were like ‘Di’ja, why are you not doing [selfies?]’ So not long ago, I did my very first mirror selfie (laughs).

And I guess in the ‘Post it’ ‘Tweet it’ world; you almost kind of look abnormal if you don’t. But it’s not like am going out of my way not to, i guess it’s just not in my character to do it all the time, but I’m also getting better at my Instagram.

No wonder we don’t see a lot of her and her new family. As it turns out Rotimi is a very private person like Di’ja would go on to explain.

Even before we got married, he is a very private person, and I actually believe in respecting people’s zones until they are ready. It’s not like we don’t [take pictures together]. I just enjoy the moments and forget to take pictures when we hang out, and that’s why presently, I am always begging my crew [to] ‘please help me take pictures, mek me sef dey pose na, wetin dey happen?.‘ So it’s just that thing where I am enjoying the moment and then I forget. We are not hiding anything.

What has she got to say about him not being seen at events or his pictures posted on her social media account?

Sometimes if he can make it with me to an event, he comes, and if he can’t, he will come to the next. So it’s not like he is not there, or that it doesn’t happen, I guess it’s just that, it happens and I don’t get to translate it to my pages.

She even proves this by sharing the occasional photo of herself and her adorable baby boy. She adds,

At least you see my baby and all other stuff, (laughs). So I always say there is a difference between privacy and secrecy, it’s not something to hide. Again, i guess people forget that when you are in the entertainment industry, you also have to live a normal life. For instance, I wake up in the morning and i give my son a bath, and sometimes my mum will, and other times, it is a maid and an aunt that would help me with him.

So don’t forget you have a real life too and you have people to answer to as well. Again you wake up and you have people that are depending on you, and people you pay for the work they do for you, you know as much as we have this entertainment life, and it’s amazing, I mean, God bless you all for liking us so much because it’s actually your love that has put us on the pedestal, but we also do these things and wake up with a regular life, so in that sense and sometimes because I could get carried away, that’s majorly the problem.

Certainly a star grounded to the realities of life, we can certainly say that Di’ja is “Awww” about maintaining the privacy of her life and family, indeed. She and her husband welcomed a baby boy during the Spring 2016.

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